The partnership that is about to be created between children, parents and teachers will be one of the most important relationships of your child’s life. It is essential that communication between all members of this partnership is constructive and strives for the overall goal of improving your child’s education. Parental attitudes are so important in the learning process.

Bridgewater-On-Loddon Primary School is dedicated to giving your child a comprehensive education which is both up to date and relevant. The curriculum is continually being reviewed and improved. We are committed to introducing new initiatives – such as our Art/Welfare Program, Excellence Awards and our whole school music production - and striving for excellence. Through our continued commitment to small class sizes, we have been able to reduce class sizes maximising individual assistance and providing increased opportunities for children to develop as learners.

The school community has developed the school’s core values : Success, Continually Improving, Learning, Confidence and Co-operative Relationships. We are committed to being a values driven school.

Bridgewater-on-Loddon Primary School looks forward to teaching your child in a very friendly, caring and supportive environment. We look forward to the interaction of parents and teachers in monitoring your child's progress at school and welcome feedback from parents. A concern of yours is a concern of ours.

The school's facilities centre on the original red brick building, which has very high windows facing the road. Shade cloth protects the entrance via an adjoining timber wing. The school grounds are beside the local railway station, close to the silos that service local farms.

The school recently underwent a full internal refurbishment, providing a new Office and Administration area, fresh paint and carpet throughout and new, modern toilet facilities.  

Bridgewater is located a short 25 minutes northwest of Bendigo.


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