Information and Communications Technology (ICT)


ICT is full integrated across all areas of the curriculum. Student learning is supported through a 1 to 1 netbook program from Prep to Grade 6.  The school also has a number of iPads across the school which are used primary in the junior department. 

ICT for Learning
Learning basic computer skills is an integral part of ICT in the junior room. This is done through hands on experiences and introduction of a number of software programs suitable for younger students. Students learn through viewing demonstrations of new skills on the IWB and then apply these new skills independently on their personalised netbooks.
The use of online learning environments is a major component within the senior room and these environments teach students that there are different ways to learn and communicate with other people both locally and across the globe. A Blended Learning approach is used to cater for different learning styles and keep students motivated to learn different topics. Blended Learning is a combination of online and face to face learning of a speciaif topic.  Recently, the senior classroom teamed up with schools across Victoria to participate in a science program which was delivered through a Blended Learning model.

ICT Equipment
There are Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) in every learning space. Each child has their own personal netbook to use at school as well as access to iPads. We have recently recieved a video conferencing system, known as a Polycom, which we are hoping to use to link into local schools and run additional programs for gifted students. 

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